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Good afternoon followers!

It has come to our attention, after much research for our website, that many vendors that we use offer visitors to their websites, the opportunity to donate.

So, having had a board meeting (chocolate, a shot of Baileys and a dog bone for Lilly) we have decided to offer you the opportunity to donate to our fund for the restoration of Peter’s hair which he has lost in considerable quantity since working in an office full of estrogen.



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A mini update!

After a long day in the office we all sat back and smiled at what a productive and technology filled day we’ve had! With the website up and running, our Facebook page getting more “likes” every day and now with this blog we are chugging along nicely.

Thank you to everyone who replied saying such nice things about us.  
Karen would personally like to thank one of her gentlemen travelers this week who really appreciated her pole dance with the wall.  You know who you are!!!
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All of us at Best Group Tours welcome you warmly to our blog!

May you laugh and/or cry along with us as we share our tales of group travel.

From Karen, Peter & Joanne


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